Yes, its been a while since I update blog ni kan?
Been to sarawak, meeting new friends, hijacking the not so good friend (haha), and yes, most of all, recharge myself. Too many dramas, too many this and that, kadang kadang jadi muak tak terkata dah. But fot the sake of that people and this people, to bear with it is a must. Man, I'm too tired for some other cheap drama. You are a man, be a MAN, not an actor who simply go here and there, bluffing about this and that. Ergh, ikotla pape pon. Malas nak pikir. See? I malas nak fikir. Jadi you jangan susah susah nak jadi pemikir tuk I. Jaga diri you tu, I tak mintak pape, in fact, I bukan jenis yang suka mintak bukan bukan gedik hingaq bukan bukan dengan orang yang bukan bukan. Hihi. Tak best ah bebel. Nak pegi makan, lagi best. Byeeeeeeeeeee.

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