Hi there.

Em. Well. Assalam. Em. This is awkward, but yes, em, I have to do this. I really really hope YOU read this. Well. Thank you for having the intention to make me yours. Em. How am I going to say this ya. Okay here we go. Again, thank you for that. I did not expect that coming from  YOU.  YOU gave no signals and such. I'm quite shocked, I might say. It's not that YOU are lacking of anything, it's just me. I have problems with myself, when it comes to commitment. I am that loud girl that YOU knew. But with YOU, I am numb. Honestly speaking, with YOU, I malu. Let's stay like this for a while, hm? Let's be friends, like we used to be. And, YOU're younger than me, maybe in future, better things will come to YOU. But for now, friends? 


Alhamdulillah. Exam final dah pon tamat. Another sem break. Hihi. Though saya taleh jawab pon exam baru baru ni, tapi bahagiaaa. Sebab? Sebab saya akan ada satu masa rehat panjangg tuk tenangkan balik ape yang bergelora, untuk jumpa orang yang saya rasa bahagia masa jumpa. And! Masa panjang nak duduk rumah. I've been missing home a lot.

Oh ye. Awak. Ye awak. (itupun kalau awak baca blog saya ni) Saya dah maafkan awak. Walaupon awak takmintak maaf, tapi tapela. Saya dah lupakan semua. Saya harap dibukakan hati awak untuk ada common sense dalam hidup ni. Hidup ni bukan setakat kenal hi then bye macam tu je tau? Semoga awak bahagia, semoga awak tak akan pernah alami apa yang saya alami aritu. Sebab awak kawan saya, sakit awak, sakit saya. Saya tahu betapa sakitnya perasaan saya aritu, jadi saya taknak awak pon turut sakit mcm tu. Semoga awak bahagia okay? :)

Everyone, please be happy. Semoga terus ditemani Dia selalu. :)

All I need is You.

It's my final exams for this sem. I have to say, I have nothing to hold to but tawakkal. My spirit have been sucked up by I-don't-know-what. Pain and after pain. Only Allah knows how's trembling I am now. The day is tomorrow. Yet, I'm still at my wits end. Ya Allah, I know You are always by my side. This time, hold me tighter than before. I'm falling down. Please Ya Allah, hold me tight. Ease this pain, ease everything. 

p/s : Semoga dipermudahkan Dia. Kamu, doakan saya ye? :)
Let go of your grudges. Let the bitterness die tonight. Make a decision today that it's time to

 move on. And begin again. New, this time. Never forget that what has passed you by was 

never meant to befall you. And what has befallen you, was never meant to pass you by. 

Know  that sometimes Allah withholds from you, in order to give you something better. Keep  

your heart focused on Him, and He will take care of the rest. And remember: you will 

tumble, but that’s part of the path. Keep going. Keep rising, and refuse to give up.


An advice from a good friend.

Just remember that when you hide someone’s faults in this 

life, Allah will hide yours in the next. :)

A letter to you.

Dear you.

I never thought that we could be this far. We both know what we both want. Yet, we are claiming for each other’s silence to talk for ourselves. My heart is beating your name, long after it had rested for ages. I’m calling all the du’a for you to be mine. I’m calling all the du’a for you to be mine. I’m calling all the du’a for you to be mine. But if Allah’s will is beyond what I’ve asked, I bend to Him. I believe He already save me a heart to complete mine. I’ll smile if you were meant to be for the others. It’s going to hurt, a lot, I’m not gonna lie, but inshaAllah, it is going to be okay soon. Even now, though it hurts so deep, I could still smile while my tears are rolling down. Once again, I’m calling all the du’a for you to be mine. 

Live with it. :)

I guess I have to live with it.
Once after another.
MashaAllah, I should have been grateful.
His Trials are nothing but to test me. He believes that I am strong enough to bear all that pressure.
Things are up, and things are down.
Tears and frustration came by.
Who am I to grief.
Yet, who am I to be so frustrated.
Roses are not all red, and cats are not all black.
We used to draw A, but we never thought that it could made up a lot of word.
We used to draw anything, but never thought that it could be just everything.
Our assumptions, our dreams, our tests, and our life.
They are bounded to keep and make us who we really are today.

Thank you Allah for giving me such opportunity to be the better person that I thought that I couldn’t be and for the fact that I’m still far from perfect, I’m looking for the imperfections, for the sake of changing them.