School days. Back then.

Playback a few videos that remind me of my school days back then. Tears falling. Oh I've been missing those moments so much. How sometimes, we don't want to grow up to face the future, how sometimes, we were so eagerly want to grow up to skip away from the problems. Man, I miss the fights, I miss the chaos, I miss the laugh, I miss the happiness, I miss everything that my school days brought me into. To be honest, what I am today, is build from what I were before. It feels so good seeing your friends, long lost friends though they appeared only in those photos and videos. I miss the yelling from the teachers, the tantrum over the morning roll call. Oh. 5 years since I've left my school yet its memories smeared everywhere. We were that students, that MRSM's students that people always talk so loud about. We were that naughty students, we were that hardworking mental breakdown students, but that is what make we as we are today. Bet over my finger, you will always, and always cherish the school days moments forever. More or less, the memories will always buried in our heart.

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