My feelings get messed up. So, it is true. Age is not a measurement of maturity. You can't expect people to get matured as soon as their age increases. It's hard, yes it is to handle this kind of people. I'm not saying that I am matured enough, I am not. But, experiences, pain, tests and upside down in my life taught me well. If you act like a baby, how am I going to put my trust in you? To take care of me, of my children. Don't ruin everything. If we were meant to be, alhamdulillah. But please, at least try to be matured. I'm not asking you to be over-serious, stern or such, all I ask is for you to know how to differentiate between what you should and shouldn't do, say or act. Childish-ness is awesome, but Islam taught us to be moderate, no? Have some thoughts, would you? 

p/s : Mr. Google, mature : fully developed in body or mind, as a person:

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  1. Yes, life has taught us well. Man can be sooooo childish sometimes when it comes to the person they love the most. Hurm.

    Salam Jumaat! ;)