They were off to run after their dreams. Away. Too far I couldn't hear their laugh, I couldn't wipe their tears. Too hard to let go of so many people. For their sake, only then, I knew they gone for a prefect reason. They will be soon home, here, and again, to mend a crybaby, to soothe a heart. Afterall, that's what they really are, a good person with a good heart.

My dearest adik, Amir and Hilmi, be good, be healthy, be patient, be everything that you should be, be everything that you want to be. Have a blast years, have a tremendous experiences, have a one wholesome of barokah from Him. I miss you guys already. :(

To Faiz, Shakur, Raihan, Hidayati, Farhana, Hafiz, Zahidah, Shafikah, Abdullah, Syairah. All the best to you all. Be with Him, and He will always be with you all. InshaAllah.

Love endlessly, Tia. :*  

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