Well, my mind is flooded with the ideas of updating my blog but no, they never make it. Believe me, the ideas came out even when I'm showering, pretty sad I couldn't get my finger tape on them but nevermind, here I am now.

First and foremost, Happy Eid Mubarak for all muslims out there. Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri. Its never to late, ain't it? I honestly minta maaf if during all this time I've been not-so-good daughter, sister, friend and such and obviously I am not. Maaf zahir batin andai ada yang terasa, I'm not a nice person, I knew that, I'm sorry I've broke some hearts, I'm sorry I talked so harsh, I'm sorry I am being such an ignorance. Ramadhan away, I hope that what Ramadhan taught me, will remain in me, will remain in teaching me to be a good muslim, to be good, just to be good. InshaAllah.

Terima kasih ada yang jemput pergi open house, I can only make some of it. Betul betul rasa bersalah. :I Masa sangat suntuk, I just couldn't tapi inshaAllah, I'll find some masa untuk pergi. Bukan bulan raya bukan bermaksud kita tak boleh pergi ziarah menziarahi kan?

I rindu semua orang. We are getting apart. My mistakes I know, for being busy-for-nothing. I'll make it right this time, I'll make it right. Kalau betul Allah izinkan hubungan kita sampai bila bila, inshaAllah, we are gonna make through of the tides, ups and down. I sayang semua orang, I don't want to lose any one of you.

Till then, peace. :)

p/s : Mimie, I rindu you. :(

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