Alhamdulillah. Things went well here. I'm happy with my life now. I'm happy with my family, with my sister's getting married, with my loveable new housemates, new friends, with him, with everyone and most importantly with Allah's blessings inshaAllah. I'm very very grateful for that and I couldn't ask for more. He is indeed The Almighty God, He knows what to give to His servants. Despite of all the tests, alhamdulillah, He rewarded me with the top notch blasts. May all things stay this way, and if there is more after this, make me more grateful for You and if there is going to be less than this in future, put my heart still and never lose hope in You. Have a good day people, and be grateful:)

p/s : Please 'people', don't ruin this. Let me be happy, even if this is the least that I could have.

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