Cukuplah menanges. I've been through everything. If you were about to come up and say everything will be fine after all this, please, stop barking. Because I don't know how to love anyone dah. Having enough fun playing with my heart? Now give it back to me. My tears. They are not for you dah. Because a good man takan buat any girl menanges. Trust me, it's never been a day without me thinking of you. But, that WAS before. Now, if you have the guts to tell me, you will. I would understand if you tak bagitau pape pon. Hati I dah kering. Dah banyak air you perah ni haa. Haha. Be happy. Wherever you are. With whoever. Just, treat her right. I'm back off. Seriously am. All this while, if you were then come and say you don't know, you don't even realized apa yang I rasa towards you, I'll smile and say, 'It's too late for you to realize it now. I'm not having those feelings now. They, fade away. With you.'
Take care sweetheart. Bye. Bye. :)

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